• iMem served Customer Service Institute of Australia (CSIA) well as their primary online CRM software.
  • Tianda Pharmaceuticals (Australia) relie solely on iMem as an effective and integrable web-based CRM system.
  • Customer Service Institute of Australia (CSIA)

    CSIA has been using the imem.com.au platform to manage a wide category of people, organisations and activities from students, suppliers, leads, etc to running complex searches, creating forms on-the-fly, accepting online signatures, generating personalised training plans and different other documents, importing and exporting data.

  • Tianda Pharmaceuticals (Australia)

    Tianda Pharmaceuticals (Australia) is part of Tianda Group, a multi-national investment holdings enterprise, engaged in pharmaceutical & biotechnology, FMCG, packaging & color printing, property development, mining & energy, as well as financial services. Tianda Pharmaceuticals is using a modified version of imem.com.au platform to manage their sales partners in Australia for their Consumer Health division.

The imem.com.au platform

With projects spanning a period of more than 12 years, Select Bytes has significant experience in a range of areas covering property development, real estate, tourism and hospitality, membership associations, direct marketing, customer service, recruitment and HR to list just a few. A large number of the websites and systems developed were built on the imem.com.au platform that proved to be robust and scalable solution.


The platform provides a solid foundation for a variety of applications and has been used over time to host a variety of systems from membership to customer service, organising events from small workshops and seminars to conferences with more than 1,500 participants or for booking facilities and resources.